23 April 2015

#Tittle Tattle Thursday : Things I Have Learnt From Blogging

Hey guys so today post is going to be about things I have learnt in the 2 and half years I have been blogging . 

I started this blog on 11/12/12 because I was bored going though a bad time and thought this would be good way to take my self away from the situation at the time . My first  post was a foundation review which to be honest isn't very good and I now hate that foundation but you live and you learn if you  wish to see what I  mean I will link it for you . So now I have finished babbling on about how this all came about let me tell you what I have learnt . 

The first thing I have learnt through blogging is what makes good product or bad product I know this sounds strange .But before  I started doing this I  would simply use whatever foundation my eldest sister used that was a bad decision as even now she wear foundation that is about 4 shades too dark for her and doesn't where anything else what ? But though blogging and trying different products reading and watching reviews I have learnt what makes some thing right for me. 

The second thing  I have learnt is little bit about web design how to certain thing and how certain bits of code work. Now fairy enough blogger is not rocket science and I am not sure I could say the same if I was using word press . However there are certain things I have learnt about web design that have definitely come in handy .  It so rewarding as well when you get blog looking the way you want it makes you proud of it and yourself .

The third thing I have learnt through blogging is a little bit about photography this is some thing you are bound to learn as you get to know what settings do what what makes products look best. I can honestly say this is an on going process you are constantly learning as you go though cameras and use different lenses ect. I have to say this maybe one of my favourite bit about blogging I could spend hours fiddling around with my camera to get the prefect picture however time does not always allow for this but it is so fun.

The fourth thing is confidence this is not something you learn but that you gain because you learn that your not alone . If you have been with me while you will know I have done posts about my anxiety / panic disorder . It took a lot to put them out there but the response was amazing and made realise that most of the time no matter what it is your never alone . That definitely  gives you an increase in confidence to there are people out there that can relate to you just lifts a weight from your mind. 

The fifth and finial thing because this post is getting uber long is I absolutely love it and will not be giving it up any time soon my blog. Its my sanctuary my get away I have discovered so many things though this like the planner community . I really enjoy planning out my post and preparing them it favourite part in some ways as well as interacting you you guys obviously . 

So yeah I am going wrap up this long post and say thank you to all of you that read this blog because if wasn't for you there would be no point in me doing it . Let me know below what have learnt through your hobbies . 

Do you blog? What have you learnt ? 

bye guys

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