16 April 2015

#Tittle Tattle Thursday

Hey guys so what a week it has been so this is going to be life update so if you dont want to  know then feel free to skip this post but I  will also be telling why there was not a blog post on monday . 

So why was there no blog post on Monday is for two reasons one I started my new job and I had said on twitter that it was going to be on Tuesday instead . The second reason is because my laptop died on me after having it nearly two years the battery died and just refused to charge back up . There was no video on Monday for much the same reason but I was also so the fact I  just had no motivation to film or even get ready to film so that's why that never happened. 

Now I know what you all thinking how did your first day go not good I am currently looking  for another job as I do not feel that environment is for me . So yes that how that went  I didn't feel like I would learn anything there and I was made to feel like nuance. I have a couple of job interviews this week so hopefully it wont be too long .  

So that's pretty much all I wanted to cover in this post if you want to know what is going to be happening on the blog I will link my last post .  Also let me know if you would like a desk area tour kind of blog post as I recently done it all up .Also let me know any other requests you have and let  me know how your week has been . One more thing do you guys have any ideas for a picture for this type of tittle tattle Thursdays posts let me if you do .

bye guys 

p.s guys I got the job I went for 

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