09 April 2015

#TittleTattleThursday : Planner Tour

Hey guys so today I am gong to do a little planner update in this post I told you I had been obsessed with watching planner videos .I told you that this had inspired me to dig out had an old filofax but it was to small well welcome to my new planner.

I got this form an esty seller called ninj&ninj I will leave you the link here . The reason I picked this planner is because it has a month to view as well as week to view . Although saying that I don't use the month to view as much as thought I would . The reason I like having a planner is one the only way I remember anything  is if  I write it down and two it a creative out a hobbie that's not on the internet . so let dive in and have a look inside

So this is the month to view as you can this is not really used too much but I just put on this when my bills go out work shifts ect. I also like to but I little saying in corner to spur me on though out the month . I have some little to do lists but as you will see in a second these are just general things I need to do I have more detailed to do list on me week view . so lets look at that

So as you can see this is where all the action happens this where I plan my blog posts when I am going flim and any appointments I my have . The notes section as you can see is where my to do list lives this is generally stuff I need to do in the week if I have anything I need to do that day  I will make a little to do list on the day . The stickers I use for blog planning ,filming ect are from esty I will link the seller for those interested . I also have post it on this page this is full of goals and blog post ideas but not every week has this and I also have notebook full of blog post and video ideas . although feel free to add to the list in the comments or tweet me @horsefashbeauty on twitter .

 So I think I have rambled on long enough so I will let you all go but let me know how do you organised yourself? Do you have planner ? do use your phone ? let me know .

bye guys

p.s sorry the lighting in these pics arent very good 

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