20 April 2015

Make Up Monday :Top Ten Under Ten

Hey guys so this was meant to be last  Mondays post if you follow me on twitter or have read this post  then you will know why . So let get on with it now 

 I thought this was going to be harder than it was but most of this stuff came out of my everyday make up bag what?  So as always we will start with base products as that is what seems most logical way to do it . So first up is the Rimmel match perfection foundation this is by one of the best foundations I have used from the drugstore and if I am going the through a wearing make up everyday patch this is what I reach for and it only £6.99 bargain review here.

Next up in the seventeen stay time concealer (£4.49) I love this its my  every day concealer so creamy and I have reviewed it so will link it here for you and I will link any other reviews for you as we go. Next up is the MUA cream blushes these are £2 what love this leave such a nice sheen to the cheek I will link review here

Then we have eyes now for eye base it is the Maybeline colour tattoo at £4.99 I have reviewed this  but its in a different shade the one here is creamy beige . Then to add to some depth to my eye I then go in with shadow 4 in the Avon mocha latte palette(£9) review link here  this just adds a lovely bit of dimension to the eye.Then for mascara we have the Maybelline lash sensational I have a  review here but all I can say it is does what it says on the tin.If I feel like some eye liner to give that lash line a bit volume my favourite is the collection fast stroke liner I have mentioned this before but I don't think I have review but it just stays all day and is really easy to use. 

Last but not least on to list is lips now I have two products here the Rimmel exaggerate lip liner(£3.99)  in east end snob I love this goes smoothly and is not drying on the lips. The other lip product I have here is the Maybelline elixir (£6.99) I have review I will link here but they are so moisturising and not sticky so go have look at them . Then I set all that with the MUA pro base setting spray this £5 and it is like glue for your face you make up is not going anywhere after you have set it with this .   

So thats it for today posts I have linked all the product reviews as well as where you can purchase them from . This post has literally taken me a week to write so I hope it was helpful. I will see you all on thursday with my next post not sure what that will be any suggestions welcome leave them below it tweet me @horesfashbeauty

what would be your top item under ten pound let me know ? 

bye guys

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