29 May 2015

A weekend in london

Hey guys so over the bank holiday weekend my sister mum and I headed down to london on the train to visit my mothers sister and see some stuff lol . So let crack on

I am just going to take a moment now to say what I shit blogger I am excuse the language here but it is true. These pictures where taken by my sister on her iphone she has said I  can use them for this blog post because I had a blogger fail. I forgot my camera I saw it on the floor of my room yes I know why was it on floor not the point here .The point is I saw it there and thought do I risk taking it and breaking or losing it no I wont need oh emma how wrong you where you fool .

So now lets get to the point of the situation the photos above are from the first day and the bit of london we saw . so we have the shard in the top left and  a big london bus I  think she was aiming  more the shard but these buses do tend to get in the way .The other two pictures are  of a  boat this is the golden hind we where going to tour  it but i think some body was having a wedding reciption it unique I will give them that . The golden hind was built to mark the anniversary of sir Francis drake landing on the west coast of america in 1579 if you want to know I will leave a link to website here.

The last picture is the place of the place we ate at on our way back from eastborne which I will get to in a moment . this is very old building that used be a coach house it is now called the middle house it has ten guest room and the best roast dinners you will ever eat . it is said to be haunted and the ghost is said to hang out by the toilet I  did not witness this but is a very old time building with wood beams and a big fire . it is so cute and cosy if they have website I will link it here so you can see .

So as I mention above about Eastbourne this is about an hour and half out of london this where my mother moved to when she nineteen after her mother remarried she hated it with a passion and was oh so home sick . Saying all that though it is very pretty I am going to start with weirdest thing and that is the long man of Wilmington now this may look familiar as I think it has been in plus net advert  but from what I can gather nobody has a clue why he is there but it is pretty cool to look at .

Then we have the Eastborne pier which I don't think you can actually walk across at the moment as it is still under going repair from a fire about a year ago but it very nice to look at . Eastborne bandstand now from what I under stand this is on of the last piers that still has a bandstand there was a show on while were there the something nostalgic about walking along the sea front with the band playing in the background don't you think ? the little light house at the top is at beachy head  a very big cliff and it not longer in use but it is so cute to look if you can ignore all the suicide notices on the cliff its very nice. so that was my weekend what did you do on long weekend ?

bye guys 

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