26 May 2015

Guest Posting

Hey guys long time no see and this ties in to this post quite nicely as you will remember last month I had two posts a week for you every week and since starting  a new job its all gone a bit pear shaped.

Yes I have days off  but they get filled with other things and blogging just gets pushed  back as a last priory which is sad since I have maintained this blog for nearly 3 years . So I thought I would come on here and ask you guys if you would like to help out . I am offering the chance to guest post on this blog yes I know it is not huge but I am really struggling with time . 

So it can be about anything lifestyle, beauty, makeup related  but if you like to guest post on this blog please do drop me an email horsesfashionbeauty@gmail.com . As I said I know this blog is not huge each post only get any from 60 to 100 page views but it would help me out and I would be happy to do  it in return at some point . So if you are interested please get in touch if nobody wants to then you will just have to bear with me a bit . I hope to hear form some of you soon in the mean time I will see you next time .

bye guys

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