02 June 2015

Beauty Tuesday : My Essentials

Hi guys so I go to the boyfriends most weekends and I thought I would share with you what I throw in the bag make up wise or if I am in rush the things I grab .

So foundation has never been a must have for me I have always be been blessed with having fairly good skin. So my essential is concealer mainly to cover up those nasty dark circles my favourite one is the seventeen stay time concealer I have reviewed this and will link here for you . The next thing is brush to blend and I really like the zoeva face shape brush for this it is basicly a mini buffing brush. It is really useful for blending concealer and foundation in the those had to reach areas  of you face so round you nose,eyes and mouth.  To set my concealer I use the rimmel stay matt a really heavy duty powder but sticks everything in place I find the this fab for on the go .

Now we have sorted out are base let move on to the rest of the face we shall start with eyes I just use my sensation lash mascara by maybelline(review link) to give my lashes length and volume and lots it . Then I like to define my lashes by using brown liner this one is by sleek in coco as I find brown has more defining look that is more subtle  than black. I like to blend the liner out with this real techniques liner brush just to make it more natural and a bit smoky . You could also throw in a shadow stick in but its up to you and I don't always bother with eye shadow. 

Lets move on the lips the barley bold lip liner by mac as lived in my hand back for months now as you can wear it on it own and it look good or you layer with a bit of gloss for that more put together look . so the gloss I have here I have two  of the maybelline elixirs in nude illusion and blush essence . I have reviewed these to so will link that here go have look they are so good .  I have a mac lipstick here also it depends how I feel to be honest this one is please me a very good every day pink colour . then to finish off I have my travalo which  has Marc Jacobs honey in it I must do a little perfume post for you I only a few in my rotation but I use them all let me know if you would want that . So that all my essentials what are yours ? let me know  .

Bye Guys 

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