04 June 2015

Let's Talking Blogging

Hey guys  so this my first discussion post its a bit of a rant but  I was reading post on gemma's blog hello gemma which I will link here so you go have read and it got me thinking. So I thought I would share with you .

In this post she was talking about how the industry has changed and I completely agree it has changed for when i started 2 and half years ago . What I found interesting and got me thinking was she was saying all about how blogging has become this industry and that in a way can strip a blog of there personality as it becomes all about figures . I was reading this she is using terms like bounce rate and I am thinking what the hell is that. 

So I googled it and then I went on my own google analytics  to find out what mine was I will share it with you because this blog is my not my job and that is the way it will stay but my bounce rate is 58%. That means nothing to me and probably nothing to you but it got me thinking why do people obsesses so much over numbers . I am not going to lie I do it when a post goes live I will check how  many veiws it has got though out the day . Now views give you good idea of the how the post has been taken but why to I feel the need to be checking it every couple hours. 

What she then went on to say is basicly why should we care your blog is for you and why should this "industry" say what we share with our viewers because of what it may say to brands about us . I thought she had a really good point because let face it when you start a blog it is creative outlet a way to share your thoughts and opinions with the world. Why should that change because a brand wont like it . 

I will be honest and say I have never had the opportunity to work with a brand because I don't have enough followers. That doesn't bother me because my blog is for me and that fact I choose to share it is well a choice. So if somebody doesn't like my blog because of the way I write or because they don't like my opinion then so be it.  It doesn't matter to me if I am a  huge blogger or a small blogger I do this for me it my creative outlet it my way to share my opinion with world. 

I set goals for myself and plan out my blog post but I do it for me not because I  want huge amounts of pr samples . I have said I would like 1000 bloglovin followers by the end of the year but that is not so I can work with brands . That is for me because I have worked hard to maintain this blog to put out good content with good photos .I feel I deserve that but if I don't get there I wont be heart broken because I will get there eventually weather it be this year next year or in ten years.. 

Basicly  what I am trying to say on this long tangent I have gone on is that you blog is for you and a industry shouldn't take away from that.  This post could be taken either way and that fine we have right to are opinions I love my blog and the people that read it but I have a opinion and I choose to share it on the internet .

what are thoughts on this ? 

bye guys

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p.p.s if you got the end leave me I comment saying I love my blog in it 

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