07 June 2015

Original Source Lemon and Lime Shower Gel

Hey guys I don't normaly post on a Sunday but today I had the urge so bath and body products get some what forgotten on this blog but I want to share with you my current favourite shower gel. 

You may be thinking I have gone crackers  right now but I  assure you I have not  the natural source  shower gels get some what over looked in this day an age of fancy foams and creams . But I fallen back in love with them especially the lemon and lime one. They do a mint one that reminds of my childhood when I was really young and still had baths with my sister . 

The reason I like this particular sent is because I like to have showers in the morning and this smell just revives me . So if I have done a double shift at work I get in the shower on my break and I am like a new women . I come out feeling refreshed like I could conquer the world . Big claims for shower gel but as you can see by photo I am nearly out :( I am going to have to get more . 

The original source shower gels come in loads of different scents and are a bargain as they range from a pound to 3 pound in price .So just for once when you need a new shower gel forget that fancy foam and try one of these. It will change your shower experience lol .  I forgot say although I have just rambled on for ten minutes about the smell it  suds up nicely and you know actually washes you as well  .

bye guys 

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