26 July 2015

just a rainy sunday ..

Hey Guys  what is your favourite things to do on a rainy day? I thought I would share some of mine with you today .


1.Go for drive I love driving generally  but in the rain it even more relaxing the sound of the hitting your car your music playing and feeling in complete control I love it . 

2. I think most people do this on sundays raining or not  but binge watch netflix in your pjs I am right aren't I lets be on honest .

3. Have pamper night this nothing better if you have been in out in the rain all day than getting in a nice hot shower or bath bliss. 

4. Go to Ikea I am obsessed with Ikea and my sister and I go there most Sundays if its raining if it not rain we go to pub you know why not on nice day lol . 

5. Write blog posts ! I work on my blog a bit each day now any way but rainy Sundays are great days for just sitting and writing blog posts .I am going to a blogging routine post soon as I have got it down quite well now as you can see from my regular posting. 

I think most people see rainy days as wasted days but there not I always  try embrace rainy Sundays and true as be a productive as possable. To get things done you normally wouldn't have time for  like tidy your bedroom, sort out your make up, sort out your wardrobe or if all else fails mess around on twitter and read blogs .

what do you do on rainy sunday ? 

bye guys

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