06 July 2015

Make Up Monday High End Wishlist

Hey guys so I was feeling sorry for my self the other day and I decided to do some shopping to cheer me up but when I saw the cost I wasn't so sure . So I made in to a wish list just for you guys . 

Now one of these items is a repurchase however I brought this for my mum so if I can find hers I can use that for a bit till I get more of my own . The repurchase is the the chanel vitalumire aqua I loved this foundation and its the only I have used up since I started blogging so it will definite be being repurchased. 

This item has been on my wish list a while and it is the Laura Mercier loose powder now we all know that it is not convenient to set foundation with loose powder but it looks amazing for those day where you want to put a bit more effort in to your make up . 

Now on here I also I have the bobbie brown corrector because the darkness under my eyes has got to the point where concealer doesn't cut it any more. this is something I will be picking up soon as this is something I am in  definite need off . Since we are the under eye area i also really want to try out the nars creamy concealer just to see if it is worth the hype plus my current concealer isnt really cutting it right now. 

The finial thing on my wish list the Charlotte Tilbury the sophisticate gift box. Now the reason for this is because it gives you the option to try out  a lot of her stuff but at lesser price than buying them all individually .Granted it is still £165  but when you add it up it is cheaper than buying them individually . 

So thats the things currently on my wishlist whats in yours ? 

bye guys

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