20 July 2015

My Make Up Storage

Hey guys so I posted this on twitter when I did it but I thought I would do a little blog post for you all and if you want more details let me know .

So the drawers are from muji and have been all over the beauty world so here I have two 5 drawer sets and one 2 drawer set. the 2 dawer set is deep which is why I got it as I knew my foundations would not fit in the other shallower drawers . I am very impressed with how it turned out keep clutter of the top of my desk which may be going as I never sit at it and do my make up .

So I will take you though the drawer starting with the left set of drawers and working my way down

1 . Foundations and bases -  So as you cans see i use mostly high end foundations this is for no other reason than it matches  better the drug store foundations are bit too yellow for my skin tone . I will have reviewed most of these so just search for the one your interested in . 

2 . blushes- So no high end blushers mainly because I am sure there good but you get some many great blusher on the high street I just don't see the point. I have my Avon blushers a make up revaluation MUA these are the ones I use the most . 

3 . Highlighters and Bronzer- So in here I keep all my highlighters and bronzers I  have few all with different undertones for different looks .I love the mua one but it is a bitch to open so doesn't get much use I use my Revlon shimmer brick the most.  

4 . My Everyday Eye Shadows - I have called this draw this because it where I keep the shadows I reach for on days basis if I want eye shadow. So I have all my colour tattoos in here and some of my avon shadow pallets as they have some really good every day neutral colours. 

5.  Mascara liners eye primer- So in here I few more eye pallets back up mascaras and my eye liners mostly black and nude but I do have a few fun colours in there . My favourite collection 200 fast stroke liquid liner is in here to best liner ever .

6.  Eye Palettes- in here all my bigger eye palettes and some more of the avon palettes what can I say I love this things . I did consider getting rid of my mua palettes as I dont really use them but I am horder and I cant let go . 

7 . Lashes- This is an assortment of different lashes but I do really like the eyelur ones but mainly use these on my sister when she goes on nights out . But I do use the individual lashes occasionally as I find them easier to apply is that weird ? 

8 . Concealer , primers and powders I have couple of benefit primers in here and few concealers I don't really have a lot to say on this draw the rimmel stay matte powder is as good as they say . 

9.  Lip crayons - This dawer is my lip crayons theres a lot there is two in here I am not keen on the Revlon glossy stick things and the loreal lip cayon just not my cuppa tea and they have no lasting power .

10.  More lip crayons and lip sticks - so this has some of my lipsticks in and my baby lips do not get the natural collection lipsticks there rubbish . if your not keen on the lip butters then try the loreal caress they are really nice and not stick like some some lip butters .

11 . Lip glosses- This is lip glosses all differer brands and couples of liquid lipsticks I am not keen on liquid lipstick.  There is also a lip balm in the back picked it up in primark love a bit of carmex . 

12 . Face Palettes - in here i have my make up revolution blush palette and my sleek contour palette all with and eye primer and liquid highlight. 

13. Lipstick holder - This is the rest of my lisptick I have all my mac in here and lip butters and all my most used avon lipsticks and few rimmel at the back .I have couple spaces at the back for more witch I will no doubt need lipstick addict I admit . 

So that is all my make up I have little back which I keep essentials in like concealer ,powder and stuff it not huge collection but it does for me and some of this don't use so any bigger would just be a waste. what you store your make up in ? 

bye guys 

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