27 July 2015

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream

Hey guys so today I am going to be  reviewing a new sudocrem product on the market its only £1.99 and can be used for many different things so let crack on .

So this product claims to be a beauty cream that is meant to maintain healthy skin as part of your daily routine. It is meant to be suitable for everyone and great on spot prone skin. So how can you use this product well you can use as a spot treatment ,face mask ,moisturiser  and  to soothe irritated skin such as rashes and dry patches .  The other selling point to this product is that it is meant to be the handy handbag sized tube that you can keep it pretty much any where . 

My biggest bug bear with this product and it was from the moment I opened it is the thickness now I get that sudocrem has always been thick but this is so thick it difficult to get out of the tube . You have to squeeze really hard because the product is so thick and stiff . I even looked up the ingredients of normal sudocrem to see if there was any difference but there is . Is it just me or when something is marketed as beauty cream would you not expect it to be thinner.  

Any way so I have used this as a face mask I wasn't very impressed to be honest if anything my skin was drier . I have used this as spot treatment this totally works as it drys out the spot and helps it clear I have heard about sudocrem for spots before but I can recommend it for this . I used this on an eczema patch on my shoulder and it has helped this . I think if your mummy your going to love this product so much for kids dry elbows cuts and sunburn super handy . 

Overall I think if you are already a lover of sudocrem you going to love this if you are teen looking for a cheap spot treatment right up your street . For me  I will use it for the odd spot and really bad eczema patches. It is also really good on burns, burnt my face on curling iron and it soothed it lovely  . This product is a available at boots and its £1.99 for 30 grams so super affordable.  

Have any of you tried this what do you think ?

bye guys 

*PR sample 

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