16 July 2015

#Throwback Thursday : 7 year old me !

Hey guys I woke the other morning to fined my mother had put this by my bed I thought is was too good (bad) not share it certainly made think oh dear . 


So this picture is of my sister and I in my grans back garden she died in September but I will always remember playing for hours in her back garden it was huge what you see in this picture is probably only a fifth of it . I am the one in pink Gareth gates dress because I you know I was just so cool however I cant help but be jealous of my tan legs here . I would say I was  probably about 7 here and my sister the one in angel top would have been about 9 .

Actually I never thought that you guys wouldn't know this  but yes I did used to wear glasses I wore them up until  I was I was about 11 and then optician decided I didn't need them . As you can see I have always been short and even now at nearly 21 and I am only 5ft . If you are wondering my gran is the lady standing in the door way on a crutch she would have been 84 here. The women in the dark blue jumper telling the dog off is my mum she would have been 48 here . I think was my dad that took the photo but trust me you don't what to see him lol only kidding . If you like this post share it comment let me know on twitter even and I will do another one . I like theses kinds of posts I think you get to know a bit more about the person behind the posts . 

Bye Guys 

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