13 July 2015

Tips To Stop Foundation Streaking

Hey guys we all have those days  were are foundation just wont go on  right well today I am going to tell some of tips so help you.

1. Make sure skin prepared there is no point trying to put foundation on if you haven't done your skincare  it just wont work . Your skin will not be clean which may mean you have  oils on your skin left over from products that may break down the foundation. Also you skin will be dry which means that skin may just absorb some of the product if you have really dry skin you will know of this problem. 

2. Make sure you allow all your skincare to skin in before applying you make up for tow reasons  one you will get the most from you skin care and therefore you will a better base to work with . Two because as said previously if you still have moisturiser sitting on you skin this may interfere with the foundation cause it to streak or breakdown 

 3. The other thing that helps stop streaking is tools make your you brushes are clean a dirty brush full of old foundation is going to apply you foundation different to clean one . A brush filled with foundation will streak because some bristle will be stuck together changing the movement of the brush and density. Second  are you using the right thing to apply your foundation I know this sound like dumb question but every foundation is different they all have different textures consistencies   ect . Would you wear the same bra with every style of top would you ? 

4. If your foundation is still streaking or not sitting right after all this tips is could be that it is not suited to your skin type . If trying to be glowy foundation on oily skin the chances are you are going to look like an oil slick . A matt foundation on dry skin it going to look cakey so think about your skin type and the type of foundation that is going to suit it. 

Hope you found this post helpful . What you best tip for streak free foundation?

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bye guys

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