11 July 2015

Whats in my shower bag ?

Hey guys so this is a little bonus post for you as I wouldn't fit it in other wise . I got a lot coming up for you in the next few months so keep your eyes  peeled any enough rambling let crack on. 

so the bag its self  is from quality save and was would 2.99  I  have a pink one as well but for the life of me i cant find it . so let dig in and see what inside this bad boy.

So we have diprobase because I have very dry skin and the eczema on my back is really bad at the minute is driving me mad . So I use this when I come out the shower and on my forehead as I have really bad eczema there too and its really helping. Then we have  the lee stafford hair growth shampoo I love this line as you can see I have treatment as well they just leave your in the nicest condition so soft . Then we have my original source shower gel which I did a post on so I will link here this is the lemon and tea tree the one I reviewed was lemon lime both are good . 

I have my hemp hand cream in here because my hand are so dry I have two of these one in bag this one I keep in this bag and put on at night. I have my current cleanser which is  the body shop vitamin E cream cleaner I love it . It does not sting or irritate my skin which everything else seems to do at the moment .  I also have a razor in there  because you know  its summer need to keep those legs smooth. 

what are using in the shower currently?  

bye guys 

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