30 July 2015

Why Do We Compare Ourselves To Others ?

Hey guys I warn you I am about to go in reflective maybe slight rant mode but you liked the last one so lets crack on


So I was watching some vlogs on you tube and there was comment left of on this rather well known you tubers vlog. That was basicly saying   how she could not  help but feel a little jealous of her life but how she could also see how there probably things about her life she might envy .

This made me think how may times do you look at some body's life and I think I want that why cant I have that . I have done it I did it a lot when I was in collage I looked at my sister and thought she has a car a full time job a pony I want that . Now I have my car and full time job but I don't talk to my sister any more . It makes me wonder why was I so jealous was it because I was going though such a hard time .

Why do we feel the need to compare are selves to every one else the internet makes it worse because you can watch people life . There where so may replies to that comment say the truest comment why do we do this . All I will say is at least this person does see that its not all that she see it go me think about the post I wrote the other week some many people start blogging you tube for the money because they see these vlogs and I want that lifestyle but they expect it over night now look at this blog nearly 3 years old and I couldn't do this as my job I earn nothing from doing this it is just my hobby. Any way I think I have gone on enough so will see you in my next post .

What are your thoughts on this ? 

bye guys 

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