02 July 2015

Why I Took The Break

Hey guys I am back and I wanted to update you and explain some stuff to you so lets crack on

As  you will have noticed I took a rather long break from this blog this wasnt planned but I just felt so much pressure from my self mainly to try and put out content and because of this nothing was coming to me I was just staring at a blanc screen hoping something would come . So I took a break and as soon as I  took the pressure off I could write again so much so I have already written all my posts for this month. While I am on the subject my blogging days will be monday and thursday and noon . 

I was stuck in rut feeling unmotivated as I watched my twitter feed and discovered new bloggers not just to me but new to the community have only had there blog a matter of months and where doing far better than me . I know I should be happy but after nearly 3 years of pouring my heart and soul in to this blog I just lost it all . I need a break to just be me and not worry about anything else just step away from the community and not have any distractions .

Truth be told I was having a bit blogging doubt a bit of rough time where all I kept saying was why I am doing this  no one would bother if you didn't . I soon realised I was having a moment had a talk to mu self I said you do this as hobbie you enjoy you have put so much effort in don't give up now. so here i am back and feeling refreshed . 

If you have a blog do have times of doubt? 

bye guys

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