22 August 2015

Back Pain Tips And Tricks

Hey Guys Its my 21st birthday today ! This morning I went for an MRI scan because  as you guys know I have suffering with a bad back so I thought I would I give some tips and tricks .

1. You can not bend like a normal person ! You may think this is self explanatory but if you dont bend properly by bending your knees and keeping your back straight you will be in a eye watering amount of pain .

2. You will not be able to sleep with your knees together this may sound strange but trying to sleep with your knee together is very uncomfortable and painful. So you need get your  duvet in between your knees or a pillow if you wish to sleep .

3. You can not sit for more than 20 minutes .If you do one it will hurt and two when you come to get up you will get stuck half way up.

4. You will not be able to sleep on your back or front as it put too much pressure on your back and will hurt. Sleeping on your side is your best friend guys remember this .

5. Driving is uncomfortable but adjusting the back of your set will help and also maybe try moving  your seat forward so your not stretching leg as much

So those are my tips and tricks hope you enjoyed this post this is just has been working for me! 

bye guys 

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