08 August 2015

Collection Illuminating Touch Brightening Concealer

Hey guys so I didn't actually realise I had not reviewed this for you this is a new one I have just brought but I got this ages ago .When it all that and cats pjs in the blogging world and found in my stash recently when clearing out my make up and starting using it again. so let crack on 

So this concealer claims to "help conceal dark circles and blemishes . Light diffusing particles naturally illuminate eyes."  Now I will say that it definitely helps conceal dark circles but I think this is because of the pinkish under tone it has that helps cancel out the blueishness under your eyes does that make sense. Now it has one of those brush applicators but I always cut them off as I feel they steal a lot of product and aren't very good in all honesty.  

In formula it is very light and bendable but it does deliver a good coverage with out caking or falling in to creases . However you have to be fairly quick to set it other wise it does crease but that is the same with any concealer I have found . I use my beauty blender to blend this out as I find this works the best for me . The shade I have is naked 1 but it comes in 3 shades so there should be one there to suit most people skin tones . I would not use this on blemish purely for is illuminating properties as I think most of use wont to hide are spot not illuminate them . 

Over all this a really good affordable under eye concealer that will suit most budgets at only £4.99 and is available at boots and superdrug . Collection is one of those brands I think get forgotten about in the make up world and they do have some really good products so are worth have look at next time you out shopping .

Whats you favourite under eye concealer at the moment ?

bye guys 

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