20 August 2015

Fitness Haul

Hey guys so today I have something a bit different for you I spent some time on the internet looking at pretty fitness wear so now I am going to share it with you.

Can I first say I am the least fit person in the world and with my bad back working out isnt an option however work out wear is so comfy I just wear it when I don't plan to leave the house . So in this collection of clothes we have three nike dri fit strappy tops in black, bright orange and pink the comfiest things in the world .

Two pairs of leggings high waisted as they sit the best on me and avoid giving me that muffin top. I have since brought 4 more pairs as they are so comfy and I have not been out of them since . Also here are two sports bras because  I sleep in them and they are good for those tender book moment you get what I mean ladies . 

There is a swimsuit here which I am yet to use but I love swimming . I do intend to try and start going swimming twice a week but we will see . Now I am going to address the elephant  in the room the neon pink trainers . I love then I wore then to go sainsbury with my mum and some guy just stood in the aIsle staring at my feet lol . I don't care I love them and they are oh so comfy and if my back ever heals I may take up running.I did it when I was in my teens but then stopped as found other hobbies . 

That's it for today's post something a bit different but I hope you enjoyed  and will see you all soon . 

Bye guys 

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