27 August 2015

Let Face It I Spend A Lot Of Time In My Head

Hey guys todays post is not just for me but its hold an important message . I think you should all read because I think you all will relate. This is a very old school post for me as some of my long time readers will know so here we go. 

We all do this guys we sit in our rooms our minds racing round at a million miles an hour just thinking about everything .Then before you know it the room has gone dark and hours have past like when you have really long  nap.  Here you still sit confused about all these thoughts what should I do with them .

Where should I put them not for me that's a bit easier I put them on here to share with the world. I am not who  only one that does this I think about how I could get fit if I wanted to and start running for miles and  miles. I think about how I could eat that little bit better how I could be that bit better at my job. How I have done well to get where I am now and how excited I am for things to come .Going back to college is going to be the scariest thing I have ever done but I know I can do it and I am excited for the challenge . 

When the day comes as I am sure it will when I  want to give up you all have to shout at me and tell me to keep going because I can do this. I am a strong person and my past experiences don't rule my life .I can go to uni all though I say I cant because lets face I am just bit thick and scatter brained but then aren't we all ? I never thought I would be where I am in my life and I am I  have come this far so I can finish my journey .What I say to you is don't let you past rule your present.You have done so well and you can do more and you will !

Thank you for reading my rambles. 

bye guys 

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