17 August 2015

M.A.C Honeylove Lipstick

Hey guys so today I am going be sharing with the lipstick I have been wearing since I brought it M.A.C Honeylove. Now I think this lipstick is one of those you either going to love it or hate it I love it but may not be for you so let crack on.

So I had heard alot about this lipstick all over the blogging world and there was a lot of mixed views but I saw on some with my kind of skin tone and fell in love with it . So it is a matt finish it therefore quite drying on the lips but the colour is just aww.

Its sort of the perfect in between of a cool and warm toned nude I always put a little gloss over it so  don't look like a crops. if you have really pale skin it may be little to cool for you can as  you can see it swatches paler on the lip then on my arm . Although a matte it is still has quite a creamy feel on the lips if you have really dry lips that would be the most unforgiving lipstick in the world .

This has quickly become one of my favourite lipsticks and is always in my hand bag  .I have also brought three lipsticks in a week from mac so I may have some more posts for you soon. As I said at the start this is on you are either going to love or hate leave me your thoughts below . I love it and it is now my everyday nude I might do a blog post on my currently everyday lip sticks.

bye guys 

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