15 August 2015

My everyday perfumes

Hey guys so today I am going to share with a my rather small perfume collection of everyday perfumes . Scent is the one thing I don't mind spending a lot of money on so let crack with the post .

Estee Lauder Beautiful

The Estee Lauder Beautiful my mum had a perfume set given to by my auntie and I soon I smelt it I fell in love with . Quite heavy sent but I love it and it lasts on me for days I smell it on my clothes even once they have been washed .

Daisy By Marc By Marc Jacobs 

Daisy not one I would have purchased  but my sister brought it for me for Christmas one year it is the perfect balance between floral and sweet .Not over powering I dont like daisy forever that one is just not for me but if you don't like overly sweet smells then this might be for you . It tends be my transitional scent between autumn winter and spring summer .

Honey By Marc By Marc Jacobs

Now another Marc Jacobs perfume is honey this is a little bit stronger but very fresh this sent just reminds of spring. Its the type of perfume you would take on holiday with you and it would remind you of the holiday whenever you wore it . Just  the perfect spring summer scent!

J'adore by Doir 

this is the most recent addition to my collection but it has been on my lust list for years it a gorgeous scent . More of an evening or even a date night scent but as soon  as I got this it went in a travalo and in to my bag. Its a heavy scent with floral undertones but I love it I wear it in the day but I love it for an evening out .

I do have a few cheaper scents  but I find they don't last as long and they tend to go off quicker . So I prefere to spend that little bit more . What are your thoughts do you like to splash the cash on sent or save it for something else ?

bye guys

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