29 August 2015

NOTD: Primark False Nails

Hey guys so today is a NOTD I dont think I have ever done one of these but I heard so much about primark's false nails I have to try them for my self .

So I have the pink butterfly nails on today I have naturally long nails so I wouldn't normally wear falsies . However I broke one of my nails very far down so chopped them all off and got my sister to put theses on for me . I used the glue provided and I have to say they feel very study and not like the could pop off at any minute.The design is very pretty and perfect for summer I will miss theses summer colours once September comes and fall set in . Now the bit you all dying to know and having been sitting at you computers saying yes Emma they look very pretty but do they last ?

Well as you read this blog post it been a week since they have been a applied and they popped of on the second day so all in all I would say is there great for a night out or special occasions. If you want something that lasts a bit longer then I would recommend getting the done professionally . They are great fun if you want if you some funky nails for night but any longer and they will pop off here there and everywhere .

bye guys

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