31 August 2015

Primark Haul Lashes And Nails

Hey guys so last Monday we had a make up haul from primark this week have lashes and nails so lets crack on .

So the lashes I probably wont wear but my sister does when she goes out so will be taking pictures and reviewing them for you all. To let you know how long they wear for ,are the comfortable to wear, how to the edges start to come way ect.

So we got all the lashes they did so we have : natural,sultry, dramatic  and volume my sister has already worn the natural ones so will put that review up soon . I might have to keep up this blogging three times a week to keep up with all the content I have to write lol what do you guys think?  do like three times a week?  Let me know anyway I have gone off on a tangent now . How ever if theses lashes are good then they will definitely be my go to as they are only £1 .So even if you only use them one for £1 I wouldn't complain .

Now nails so there are three sets of nails one of which I have already worn and reviewed and that is the pink ones with the butterflies on so will link that here . The other two sets we have are some white and pink ones which look very funky cant wait to see those on very summery although it nearly over now :( . The last ones are mint green with birds on again quite spring summer but we will make it work lol. The UK weather  just does what it want any way so I am sure they will come in handy.

Any way that my little haul for you all hehe I will be back in September now with another blog post where is the year going guys . I saw on twitter the other day somebody saying its like less than 20 Fridays till Christmas what ! Any hope you enjoyed and see you all soon.

Bye Guys 

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