24 August 2015

Primark Make Up Haul /First Impressions

Hey guys so I recently went to primark and raided the make up section to try out and review for you guys as I had heard such great things online .

So as you can see I got a bit of everything you should I have seen the checkout guys face. He asked if I was going out that night and when I said wasn't . He was  like well then why do you need all this make up and was errr long story. Oh the cons of being blogger people think your crazy ! Any way getting to the point the only things I didn't get  were mascara because I forgot oops. Concealer because it was stick from and I dont like them like that. Lip gloss because I am  not overly keen on glosses .

Now lets start with bases the foundation I have tried out and will be being reviewed first so all I am going to say it I think it would be great for our oily or normal skin girls . Then the powder is in light the same  as the foundation very finely milled . Then i got a cream blush because the powder ones did look very pigmented and just looked a bit naff to be honest the this reminds of the NYX cream blushes a bit sticky.

So lip products wise (my favourite things ) I go two liners that on first impression are really good and have great colour pay off and I got red and pink . Then three of the liquid lipsticks in nude,pink and red which are very glossy and the nude one apply quite patchy but we will see . Then a lipstick in whisper which is a frosty pink which is quite creamy cant comment on lasting power yet .  I also got a lip crayon which is meant to be nude but is very pink but has good colour pay off .

Now eye shadow I got two pallets one matt one shimmer the matt ones don't have that much pay off I have to say. The shimmer is better but it hard to find good matt shadows it doesn't matter if they are high end or drug store shimmers are easier to get right . The last think I go was a nail polish for 80p! and its great that all I am saying. I also go a highlight crayon witch is really nice love iridescence colour.

So all in all my first impressions is it is a great affordable make up line that ranges form 80p to £2.50 so it super affordable.  The products are good quality for the price apart form the matt shadows but that the case with most brands . All in a great affordable make up line especially if your new to make up . Hope you guys enjoyed this post and found it helpful and free free to share this post with your friends if you did .

                               Have you tried any of this line ? What are your thoughts ?

Bye Guys

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