20 August 2015


Heys guys so you know I like to be completely honest with you guys when it comes to this blog and the products I have reviewed on it.

Well yesterday I decided to become a younique presenter another blogger told me about it and I  figured why not . With my back still stopping me from being able to work nearly 10 weeks later and I figured this would be ideal . So you will see I have put I link in my navbar to my page it is 100% up to you if you choose to click it or even buy any thing from it . I will be doing some reviews on here about some of the products but as always there will be my own opinions and 100% honest if I dont like one of them I will tell you.

I plan to dream big and eventually make this my full time job so I would have more time to blog I love make up and social media and this sounded prefect. I would love your support but it is up to it wont really change anything on the blog I just wanted to let you guys know because I will be reviewing some of the products . I probably didn't need to write this post but as i said i like be honest with you guys .

If you have any question let me down below or on twitter and will answer them 
bye guys 

p.s here the facebook page for younique if you want more info

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