24 September 2015

10 beauty confessions

Hey guys I saw this on somebody else's blog recently and I thought it would be a good post do as nobody is perfect not even us bloggers .  So here are my ten beauty confessions exposed for you all to see.

1. I dont  my face everyday I just forget I wash it when I have shower most of the time. Even then I keep my cleanser on the skin in hope that when I brush teeth I will wash my face but no .Then I get in the shower and forget to take it with me .

2. I pull my eye taught to do my eye liner I know your not meant but I cant do liner with my eye open I have to my wing with eye open but nothing else.

3. I go though more face wipes than anyone else I know like 3 packs a month and yes sometimes a use then on my face because I cant sleep with eye make up on I just take it off with a wipe .

4. I often forget to moisturise my face weather I have washed it or not I just forget and have dry skin so probably not the best hey ho .

5. I rarely wash my brushes I know gross but I use my beauty blender a lot so only use brushes for eye make up and bronzer . plus i hate doing it so you know why spend  my day off doing it see my point guys .

6. I almost never paint my nails because it just chips off so what is the point I had shelic for a while but I got bored of having it done .

7. I am not bothered about eye shadow I have some but I would never buy it from mac . I just don't use it so when I do I just  use what ever . I feel like your either a eye shadow person on lipstick person .

8. I rarely bother with my hair most of the time it ends up shoved in a pony . I have naturally curly hair but when I try and curl with a curl they fall out as fast I put them in what ?

9. I hate Lipgloss  with passion it is messy and stick and just yuck! I hate it there is only one I will use and that is the maybeillne elixir .

10. I am the worst at changing things out in my make up bag I just throw things in until its full and I cant find anything . I  will then take stuff out but I don't change it up I always use the same stuff mostly until I get something new lol .

What are your beauty confessions?  Let me know

bye guys 

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