21 September 2015

3D Mascara Review

Hey guys so today I have review you of a mascara I have been using recently and tell if it actually does as it says .

What is this product it is a two step mascara one is a gel and the other part of it is the fibres . You put the gel on you lashes first and the follow with fibres and then another coat of gel . It is meant to give a 3D effect to lashes like false lashes would .So does it do what it says on the tin you ask ?

So on the left ad you look at is the 3D mascara on the other eye I  have nothing and you can see the difference it makes. I have done a video demo showing you this product in more detail so I would recommend you go watch that I will link it here. Conclusion guys this is great product it lasts well and doesn't flake it gives you the look of false lashes with out the hassel . In my opinion this is well worth the £23 I would rather do  a two step mascara than fiddle with false lashes for ages that with in few hours will no doubt start coming off . Hope you enjoyed this post if you wish to purchase this mascara I will link here . I hope this post answered your questions if not then feel free to ask below or on tweet me @horsefashbeauty . 

bye guys

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