14 September 2015

A year ago today ...

Hey guys so year ago today I lost my gran she was the only gran parent I ever knew as the other had passed before I was born.

Gran ,Me and Jen

My gran and I were not very close but I still cried when she left us which I didn't expect but the truth is she is in better place now . My gran suffered form vascular  dementia and really was just shell of the women she was towards the end . My gran was a very strong willed lady and was also a midwife back in her day . She grew up through the war and was a very strong sturdy person for that I don't think my dad will ever forgive her for all things she forced him to e.g play piano ,learn ballroom dancing .

She would have been 92 this year on the 28th of this month but I have many good childhood memories of gran . She lived in Anglesey and me and my sister spent many a day playing on beach that was just short walk from her bungalow . Walking the dogs along the beach and up through the country fields near by . Eating my grans roast dinners the Sunday night before we left and going the garden centre to pick out a teddy or in our case lion, leopard or tiger.

It was weird how she passed it was a few weeks before I had gone to see her in the nursing home she was in . All she would say was please don't hurt that made me so sad the strong lady had come down to elderly woman that was so scared she wouldn't open her eyes and couldn't remember if she had lunch . About two weeks after that she had stroke and week later she passed dementia is a horrible thing and is very hard to watch a loved on go through. All though  I didn't always see I eye to eye with my gran. I do miss her but I know it was the best thing she is peaceful now and not afraid .

bye guys 

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