17 September 2015

All About Hair

Hey guys I want to talk to you hair what I do to keep hair in good condition and what can effect your hair that you may never have thought of.

So I use the lee Stafford range as well as few other product I rotate my shampoo and condition with the tresemme 7 day smooth . I love both for different reasons which I am about to explain the lee Stafford helps my hair  stay in my head basically because it is protein treatment it reduces hair lose something I have always suffered from . The condition treatment also helps my hair stay soft and moisturised as my hair is very dry . It meant to promote hair growth but I am not so sure about this I think all different things effect hair growth and I am not so sure and shampoo or treatment can change that .The tresemme 7 day smooth I love for when I heat style my hair which isnt very often . It keeps my hair straight  for 4 days straight . It also makes my hair super soft and sleek with out being flat if that makes scene . I also dye my hair and this doesn't effect my colour at all so if you where worried about there is no need .

So now I am going to tell things that can effect your hair I am loosing so much hair at the moment because my body is under stress with my back . This happened to me when I was in college and I was suffering really badly with my anxiety if  you want to know that story I will leave a link to a post I did here . When I am ill my goes flat dull and just looks like it needs a wash but it doesn't your thyroid can also effect your hair my hairdresser through this was my problem but then became apparent it was not . What I am trying to say hair is not just hair it can say a a lot about you and your health.

Thats it for day hope you all enjoyed this post and found it helpful and will see you all soon 

bye guys 

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