10 September 2015

Blogger Doubt and Chit Chat

Hey guys today I am going to talk about something very  blogger experiences and some general updates so let's crack on .

So you will be glad to know that blogging 3 times a week will resume and I have decided I am going to 12 days of christmas and will blog every other day. I know christmas is a while away but you have to think a head in the blogging world or it sneaks up on you . I still don't know what is wrong with back should find out begin of next week .So will let you guys know I wasn't very impressed at the mri scan  as the put me all the way in not good guys will do blog post if you would like . Also have you noticed so better photos well I have actually been bothering to edit them never new how much of difference it made till now .

Now on to blogger doubt I recently asked on twitter how many times a month do think would anyone  care if either quit blogging ? I am going to be honest this passes though  my head a lot I have been doing this three years and I am still only a small blog . Everytime this comes past my head I think of how felt when I gained my first bloglovin follower who is now a friend . That is what keeps me going and I know there are lots of new bloggers that do it for all the wrong reasons not just because they won't to share the passion and have voice .

But I do wonder is my content good enough do I post enough ? All these questions run  though your head.  Especially  when u see all these new blogger that have hundreds of followers so quickly and here I am three years later with under 100 followers . It really does make you doubt your self all though I love it and all of you that read .

Are on a blogger do you get blogger doubt ?

bye guys 

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