28 September 2015

fall make up edit

Hey guys so today i am going to show how to mix your make up for the fall season with out changing everything .

so first thing first the easiest way to shake you look is a lipstick and what would fall be with out a red or berry toned lip. so my pick for this is a primark lip liner in red with the kate 107 over the top gives a really nice deep red. When I first got the kate 107 lipstick I couldn't understand the hype it just didn't seem to work for me but after playing with different lip liner underneath it now works .  So if you have this problem then try some lip liners . Next on my lipstick hit list the berry tones so for this i would use the pompous lip liner from younique then put mac plumful over the top for that fantastic fall lip .

Now for eyes now I said the on twitter the other day I think you either a lipstick person or a eye shadow person and I think that very true . Any way moving on to my eye shadow picks  I think fall calls for gold browns and purple tones . So lets start with some good bases the maybelline colour tattoos so here I have metallic pomegranate and vintage plum good purple toned bases .The metallic pomegranate is great base for a bronze smoky eye the vintage plum is good for make you look awake.

You could pair either of theses bases with the Revlon seductive  this a really selection of purples in they are really easy to blend as and its only £8.99 at the drugstore. The mocha latte palette by avon is a really good fall eye shadow palette lots nice browns and golds to create that perfect smoky eye . I have the by terry shadow stick here which combined with gold of of the avon palette really makes the eyes pop pair the dark lip and your good to go.

Now to switch up you blush to go with you look so I have a few options avon soft plum. This looks really nice in the winter but be careful its super pigmented . A nice pink is must to give you that lovely flushed look from cold winters day. I have two options here a primark one which was £2 and my favourite the max factor blush in soft pink . yes they are both cream blushes but I think theses are better winter as they give that bit of sheen to stop your skin looking flat .

so there my fall makeup tips what are yours let me no below and will leave a lits of product below too.  

products mentioned :

- Red liner primark lipstick kate moss 107
- Pompous lip liner plumful lipstick
- Soft plum blush
- Primark blush
- Max factor blush soft pink
- Mocha latte pallette avon
- Revon colour stay plattee in seductive
- By terry ombre black star beyond gold
- Maybelline colour tattoos in metallic pomegranate and vintage plum

bye guys 

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