03 September 2015

My Blogging Routine

Hey  guys so you may have noticed things on the blog have been rather consistent so today thought I would share my blogging routine with you .

So if you are a blogger your self you will know that post its ,note books and excel become your best friends very quickly . Scheduling blog posts is the best way that way you are going produce more quality content because you not rushing out a post the night before or hours before it is due to go up . This way you can focus on your content and promoting it without having to rush . To do this I use excel write all the blogging dates I post on in one section then all the posts in the other and I have my little key to tell me at what stage each post is at .

This is a major help but in order to create a document like this you will need a post it note and note book. The post it to jot down all the dates you post the notebook to gather all you post ideas down in so they are all in one place . Once you have done this you can begin to organise your posts if you have spare you can use them next time you come to doing this process .

The next thing I do is every day in my dairy I write a to list it has three sections to it  blog ,personal ,younique . In here I write if there is post to go up or a post I need to write or if I just need to focus on social media stuff . I tend to write two weeks in advance some times its less it depends on the post I am writing in all honesty .This post I am writing on the monday and it goes up on the thursaday it just depends how on it I am .  The brillant thing about being organised you can afford a couples of weeks off if you need it but your still posting . My blogging routine was inspired by dorkface I love her blog its so cute I will link her blogging routine here .

Did you guys find this interesting are bloggers your self and it has inspired you ? let me know 

bye guys

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