05 September 2015

Skin Care Routine

Hey guys so it been ages since I did a skin care routine so I thought I would give you all a little update so let get cracking .

So yes there is only three products but thats really all I use so I wash my face with body shop vitamin E cleanser . I use this when I wear make up other than that I use a micellar water I switch thats why it not pictured it just depends what I feel like . Then if its a make up day put on the younique divine moisturiser amazing stuff I am not just saying that make up sits so well on top of it .

Now you may thinking why diprobase I use this on my body but it also really helps the eczema on my forehead. So when I am having a bear face day I use this it really helps my skin and calms my redness .  If I wear a eye cream I use the origins no puffery I use this mainly when I am tired  or when  my eyes are really sore it really soothes them . So that is my skin care routine short ,sweet and simple hope you enjoyed it .

bye guys 

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