19 September 2015

The Results Are In

Hey guys so as most of you know I have been off work with a back injury and i recently have got the results  so I am going to share them with you .

So I  have been off work for about 14 weeks as my last day at work was the 16th june  I went for an mri scan three weeks ago. That was horrible they put all of me in which I didn't expect I felt to so trapped and I  am not good with small paces as it but eww sends shivers down my spine . Anyway  back the point on monday I rang to get my results and I havent slipped a disc so that is good . However I do have some bulging discs which is very similar to a slipped disc apart from with bulging disc the disc hasnt actually ruptured .

 So the doctor has said can go back to work so I will be doing how long I will stay I am not sure will just have to see how painful it is . I may go to nursing home as this maybe easier we will just have to see but all in all it good news. I have also been referred to the pain clinic however that will take weeks to come though. Hopefully I can carry on my journey to train to be a nurse and hopeful as long as I am careful I wont slip any of the bulging discs.  Blogging will remain the same to dont panic as I have asked reducing my hours for now just till figure out what I can mange so good new yay !

bye guys 

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