12 October 2015

Changes Happening

Hi guys I said on twitter that I was taking a break from blogging and this is for number of reason that I am going to run thought with you now .

I have been blogging since I was 17 I am now 21 that's a long time .I love it with all my heart and will be doing it for years to come .I am will most like be in my 90's and still be tapping away to you all after that's what blogging is essentially it and online dairy. Anyway back to my point in the three years this blog has been going I have changed a lot and I have had alot of different experiences . Initially yes I admit I took to it to express my love for make up and kind of document my make up journey as it were. As I was still quite new to make up when I started this blog but now I am older and as much I as still love beauty I have other hobbies passions interests that I want to share with you.

 So I am going to be changing my blog name .I  haven't decided what to just yet and I am going to revisiting my blog design. I probably want change completely but we will see where the mood takes us . I want to make it clear that I will still  be writing about beauty but I want it to be mainly lifestyle bits. I go to lot of cafe at the weekends and I would like to share that with you some home d├ęcor stuff I would like to share maybe a few fashion picks and I would like to touch more on anxiety. Just a general mix and I don't feel like my current name represents that so any suggestion welcome . I will back probably in November and I am going to be doing 12 days of blogmas So yes . A little break is in order first to review the situation and come back with fresh better content . I hope you all understand and are exciting for the changes to come and as I say mid novemeber I should be back to but keep you eye on twitter links in side bar .

Bye guys see you soon 

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