01 October 2015

Hello October

Hey guys so I want to welcome October in this  post and get a few things off my chest so grab a cuppa and we will get started.

So october the month on ghosts and ghouls and trickle treaters at you door  but what else does this month of fright bring. It brings the autumn the change of  leaves and that slightly bitter breeze those cosy clothes and lots of blankets at bed time .It brings those dark evenings and freezing nights they all add to this month of fright . So on this blog what does this mean ? It means lots of  posts and scary make up looks . I plan to bake a scary gaint cupcake and maybe some other treats perhaps so gingerbreads .

Now this month also mean I am off back to work I know I said that in my results are in post but that didn't happen . But dont worry there will still be lots to see now to a get something off my chest that has been bugging . This is about the blogging world and it more of observation than dig at anyone's blog but I have noticed a pattern when it comes to desgin . They all seem to go for the really clean magazine type look there doesn't seem to be any personality behind a blog design any more. I think its a shame because now its only the smaller blogs . I mean like less than 1000 followers that still have the different designs the one that are but more fun and colourful. Its shame that this world I love so much is all become so uniform in way and design .After all that what draws audiences in but yet some people say it doesn't matter if you like it. Its what other people think and I suppose that is true to extent but your blog and it design and colour should represent you in some way .

I am wrong is it all about content and consistency these day or is it still just luck of the draw ? Is October one of your favourite times of the year or are you all about that festive cheer ? 

thanks for reading 

bye guys 

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