23 November 2015

5 quick tips for refeshing a room

Hello all I  said on my first post  back  that I love changing up my room as get bored in like 5 minutes. So  guys and girls I am going to share with you my top 5 tips for doing this so lets crack on !

1. Paint - Any thing wooden just paint the colour you want inject in to the room I did this with my mirror it was a dark purple but I painted it grey to break up my purple colour scheme

2. Fabrics - So I mean new throw, bedding or curtains in the colour or patten of your choice a new pair of curtains can change a room so much I have never had any curtains more than year opps!

3. Lighting - Add  new lamp shades or even new lamps at the night lighting can change a room so much make it cosy if you keep it soft. I have fairy light round my curtains makes it so cosy at night .

4. Wall art and mirrors -  Wall art  great for injecting colour and adding atmosphere. Mirrors in small room make it look and feel big plus who doesn't love a big statement mirror.

5. Rearrange - If in  doubt try a different room layout costs you nothing to move some furnisher about  and can lift a room so much.

So those are my 5 tips for refreshing and revamping your rooms hope you found this help and let me know if you like this style of posts

bye guys 

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