21 November 2015

Guest post : Hello autumn - Essential style guide

Hello all I have another guest post for all today from peter minkoff he going tell you all autumn style essentials. So lets crack on !  

Autumn is finally here, which means that you need to get your priorities right when it comes to your wardrobe. If you like your money right where you can see it – hanging in your closet, you will be thrilled to rediscover your favourite sweaters, coats and scarves after hot summer days. Autumn is a very inspirational season, and this year it is obvious more than ever. A mix of dazzling colours and breathtaking patterns will definitely blow you away. However, if you are still not sure how to combine particular pieces of clothing, stay tuned. Here is an essential style guide  for autumn of 2015. 


The hottest colour of autumn is a winey reddish-brown shade which is both sophisticated and warm at the same time. As the top colour trend of 2015, marsala can be worn in a wide range of ways.  A sweater or a shirt in this colour can be combined with almost anything that comes to your mind, and it will look absolutely fabulous. From classic black trousers for business look, to ripped jeans for more casual look  - possibilities are infinite. It is definitely a must-have this autumn, but not just that – we are sure that it will be equally trendy even in summer. This is exactly why you should get yourself a bikini in this fabulous color. Just wait for a upcoming swimwear sale which will provide you with a gorgeous piece for a ridiculous price!

The 80's Revival

Fashion trends in the previous century are pretty much unforgettable, all of us can agree. Massive shoulder pads, ruffles, and retro neon oversized belts are making a come back in 2015. Items made of shiny and tight leatherette, such as boots, skirts, shirts and jackets can be found anywhere, from haute couture to high street fashion. When it comes to accessories, everything is pretty much clear: enormous mismatched earrings will rock your world all over again. Thank God that at least scrunchies did not find their way back to our reality.

Boho/Ethnic Influence

Complex patterns, fringes, feathers, leather and embroidery indeed represent this autumn trend in the best possible way. Designers are drawing their inspiration from the cultures of Asia and Africa, which brings us wonderfully structured pieces that can be considered as artworks. Some people refer to this style as “urban ethnics”, because these specific items can be combined with basics such as jeans, classic trousers and shirts. Indian ethnic wear lovers will go crazy about jewellery which is heavier than ever – chunky bangles, massive necklaces and long earrings will definitely make you shine bright like a diamond. Magnificently embroidered salwar suit  in your favourite colour indeed encompasses all the best elements of this unique autumn trend.

Oversized sweaters 

Many people simply adore autumn just because they love to snuggle their heads onto their favourite sweaters. These definitely give us a feeling of warmth and cosiness, which is why we love them so much. Oversized sweaters are representatives of a perfect autumn outfit, and you can definitely wear them anywhere you want.  If you think that it will make you look too bulky, you can wear a slightly thinner knit. Either with turtleneck or without it, oversized sweaters are absolutely unavoidable this autumn.


If you are tired of wearing tight and skinny jeans, this is a perfect solution for you. Forget skinnies and pull on your old flares instead. You will look classy and glamorous, especially if you mix them up with your favourite pair of chic wedges or chelsea boots . In this way you will make your legs look longer and thinner, and you will be trendy at the same time.

A world of fashion is much more versatile than it used to be a few decades ago. Nowadays, there are many trends that are equally acceptable, and it is up to you which one you will pick. Choose wisely according to your preferences, and success is guaranteed.

Ok that it for today blog post peter Minkoff is an amazing writer and I couldn't not share this post with you all if you would like to see more of peters work  check out this link .

bye guys 

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