28 November 2015

My Favourites By Younique

Hello all since join younique I have discovered some amazing products and I thought I would share some of my favourites with you all so lets crack on !

One of the first things I tried from younique was the mascara and I have never looked back it gives me the best lashes that I could other wise get with falsies which are pain to apply and do not last. it is £23 but it well worth for it not have to faff with false lashes and have good lash day everyday . i will insert some pics of products if I can find some for you all. I have a video on the mascara as well so will link that .

Sexy pigment I could rave about this until the cows came home but I wont as you would get bored but I use this for EVERYTHING and I mean everything . I have combine this with lip balm and it gives you lips a really pretty shine . I use this a cheek highlight beautiful I use as a inner corner and brow highlight . I have used this over liner so so pretty very festive might do a post on that actually .

This bronzer is something I love but something always forget about which is a shame .Its not matt but it not glittery it just gives you a nice glow to your face. I use this to just warm up  my face I don't really do contouring amazing bronzer and so finely milled .

Lets talk lips this I have raved about over on my younique page far too much and its our lipgloss so moisturising great for keeping you lips hydrated thought out the day . there are 6 shades and the one here is lovesick love this .

Last make up product is the mineral touch liquid foundation this foundation is so versatile use with a blending bud to get a slightly lighter coverage or use with buffing brush to a high higher coverage the best foundation ever I don't use my dior star any more witch used be my fav but this lasts longer and cover better .

Now my last favourite is a tool and is our deluxe brush it is an amazing for putting down colour and using the tip to put colour in my crease before blending it out. An invaluable brush love it best eye shadow brush I have tried .

Thats all for today hope you enjoyed this is my honest opinion I have linked the products to my younique shop . It is up you if you want to support me but this is not a sponsored post .I have brought every thing with my own money .

bye guys 

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