19 November 2015

Rain days, Bedtime and Anxiety

Hello all I know this is a random title but I am just going discuss some things that have happing at the moment .


So lets start with the weather I am surprised I am not swimming round my streets we have so much rain recently. So it looks winter is finialy here although I would rather have rain than snow I don't appreciate  getting wet at 7 in the morning as I head of to work .But it not too bad although rain is not my favourite I do find rainy days really cosy and almost comforting as weird as that may sound .

The bedtime and anxiety go together up until recently I have only have anxiety attacks during the day I have never had a problem at night apart the occasional anxious dream . Now all of a sudden  I am waking up in the middle of the night with them 2 am being the favourite to for one to arise .  So I am so tired all the time mainly because of this some of being I am addicted to gossip girl. But its a  vicious circle like any from of anxiety I have done some research and I though I would share some it in case any of you are going through this .

So from what I have read nocturnal panic attacks are quite common with people who suffer with panic disorder with about 70% of people experiencing them . According to what I have read unlike a night mare is more likely to happen in the later stages of sleep. Panic attacks are more like to happen in the early stages which when you think about makes sense . They say the best way to deal with them is to full wake your self up before going back to sleep and do boring tasks but not read or watch tv . It all quite interesting to read about just not go thought as any of you that suffer know.

Have any of you experienced this let me know?

bye guys 

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