30 November 2015

Scent of the month #1

Hey guys so this is going to be a new post on the blog each month I am going to share with you my favourite scent from the past month . I have tart burner which  I got last year for Christmas so I thought this would good post for you all it may be candles as well occasionally so lets crack on!

So my scent for this month has been salted caramel .I think this is because autumn time reminds of halloween ,salted caramel lattes (omg soo good )toffee apples and all things sweet basically . Its not the best colour in world but it smells delightful not too sweet just a lovely medium even my sister doesn't mind it and she doesn't like strong scents.

I have lots and lots of tarts I might to a post on how store them let me know if would like that . Any way  I have gone off topic this is the tart I have been burning this month and I have two of them I love them that much . Let me know what you think of this post and will see next month for a different scent . Any scent suggestion let me know too please always looking for new scents.

bye guys  

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