16 November 2015

There Been Some Changes Around Here ..

Hi all welcome back as you all know I took sometime off to rethink basicly as you can see there has been some changes .

As much as love my blog I  wanted it to scream me and I wasnt any more so it was time for a rethink, move around and revamp . So this is now lifestyle blog we going talk about anything and everything from beauty to fashion to home décor love a bit home décor you never seem someone get so excited over curtains and bedding . I am  the sort of person that changes up my room about every 3 months because I get bored. So weather. is be change the room round  or buying new accessories .

I am also going to be sharing some of my favourite scents as I have a lot wax tarts and candles so I am going to do scent of the month if you have better name please tell me . I want to do some posts on anxiety all thought this may not effect all of you I think it is important to make you aware. Also give those that do suffer some advice because everybody has different things that work for them .

I really hope you all enjoy the new content that is coming and I want to make clear there will still be make up stuff but I don't want it be all that as it has been . Fashion post are top my hit list but as you will know the weather is not on my side right now so bear with as I feel like have been saying for years lol .

So welcome to the lifestyle room and enjoy !
bye guys

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