05 December 2015

Let Have A Catch Up

Hi all so as you may be aware there was no post here on Thursday and as you may also remember I said I was going to to blogmas .So today I am going to explain what's been going and why these two things I didn't happen to lets crack on .

So the blog post didn't happen on thrusday because I have been put on new tablets for my back  so I didnt who I was or what I was . Speaking of my back I have now been to the pain clinic and they confirmed what I thought I have degenerative disc disease which when I am older could turn in to arthritis in my spine. That bulging disc they wasnt a trapping a nerve is so I have several options now I have these new tablets and take myself of the morphine slowly . I can have an epidural in my spine I have been referred for physo and a pain management program. This is all they can do  because I dont want surgery because I will most like to return to the same pain in 3 years time if not less so to me wasn't worth considering .

So I am going to see how I go with tablets as he also gave me the option of patch so we shall see how  I go . I am so going though I really tough time with a friend and anxitey. So if things arent as regular then please just bear with me thanks ,

bye guys 

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