01 January 2016

Happy New Year !!

Hey all happy new year I am just gonna give you rundown of where I have been and whats been going on more for myself than anyone else .

So the reason I have been gone is I have been dealing with a break up and it didn't end well. I won't go into details but after years together we had turned in to different people and no longer really fitted with each other any more . Although I could see it coming it didn't make it any easier we did  try to fix something far beyond repair .Now I look back few weeks on why would i want to in a abusive relationship anyway been there done that got the t shirt not doing it again and thats how it was started to go . I have learnt a lot about myself during this time I am a hella lot stronger than I thought I have also learn men are like buses they come every ten minutes so why beat your self up over one!  I think it fair to say I am though the worst but I still waves of deep hurt where I just curl up in a ball and cry but they are less often and I am dealing with them. Which is good but when someone  has been in life nearly 9 years and 5 those romantically if you want to call it that it is hard . I wouldn't have been able to write this maybe even a week ago so progress is slow but happening

The other reason for my disappearance is younique so many exciting things coming up and I  have just had to put everything into it to make things happen . I can see that paying off and we launch in france in the new year where most of my energy has been going and although I have the syncs that think its all a  scam .I have the support of a lot of my family and that all I need it amazing what people are will to believe is real e.g the copy and paste this status and face will give million dollars right but younique a legit business opportunity a scam don't understand that logic but hey ho. So yeah that where I have been . This blog is also now 3 so thank you for all your support over the years and bearing with me through some inconsistent times but we made guys and I am so proud of us all  . I hope you don't mind this chatty catch up post but i need to do it to draw a line under everything and start a fresh in the new year .Fair enough I will still have ddd (a back problem ) but I can live with that . Hope you guys have an amazing year to come and i cant wait to see what happens 2016 i am coming for you !

Bye guys 

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