04 January 2016

My goals for 2016 !

Hi all I am not doing resolutions  as I am more likely to break them but I am going to set myself goals for the year as think this way I will be more likely to keep them so I am going to share them with you all !

1. Loose the weight I put on when I was off work for 3 months with my back .I  am not unhappy with my body at all but with my back condition  it not good for me to carry extra weight. So I am going to be  eating better ,walking and swimming as can't do normal workouts for obvious reasons . When I say walking I  don't mean a casual stroll and I mean brisk power walks . My goal is to be back to 9 1/2 stone by my pain clinic appointment in feb.

2. Get my younique business to green status by august . To get to green I  need build a team so if you're interested to know more contact me or if you want a whole post on younique where we have launched ect let me know .

3. MOVE OUT !!! Dont get me wrong I love living at home and I get on well with my parents but I want my own space  and some where I can put my own mark on that is bigger than a postage stamp lol .

Most people say drink more water but I drink enough water to sink a battleship and I am constantly saying  I need a wee my mum is treating to put it on my grave stone lol. So they are my three main goals for the year as well as you know find a decent man and maintain this blog to the highest standard I can ect .

What are your goals this year ? 

bye guys 

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