20 February 2016

Guest Post : How to Dress for Fancy Occasions when You are on a Budget

Hi guys so today I have guest post for you about dressing on budget for those special occasions this post was written by Gabriella Diesendorf  who is contributor on the high style life website   link so enjoy!

We often think dressing up must be pricey and out of our reach, but it can actually be quite easy if you know what to do. So forget about buying that overpriced evening dress and listen up, we’ve got some tricks and tips for both men and women if they want to look fancy on a budget.

Second hand stores and department stores

You might be surprised to find out second hand stores are likely to have a big selection of fancy dresses in an unusually good state. This is because women don’t wear the same fancy dress for a long time, they pass in on. You can find dresses, skirts, fancy tops, and sometimes even shoes. Vintage dresses will add to your style. Look for the little black dress, if nothing else.


There tends to be a smaller collection for men in second hand stores, but you can try and find a nice wedding suit or a suit jacket. Another option is checking out your local department stores. They usually have seasonal sales and you can find something affordable there. You can personalize your suit by having your monogram or initials embroidered on it, or you can order a custom suit tailored just for you. If you can choose, always opt for a tuxedo rather than a suit. 

1    Accessories and jewelry

The secret to your high style lies in your accessories and jewelry. Avoid anything plastic and wooden and go for metal, preferably silver and gold. Let your jewelry match nicely. You can wear hair clips, bracelets, necklaces and rings, but don’t go overboard. Choose an elegant handbag that will match your shoes and the whole outfit.

Accessories can significantly improve the look of your old suit and a plain white shirt for example. All you need to do is get some elegant cufflinks, shirt studs and a tie clip. It is advisable to avoid colour and stick to clear metal. Add a fashionable silk tie or a bow tie and you are all set. As long as your suit is clean, ironed and fits you well, it doesn’t matter if it’s not new. A classic wristwatch and possibly a discrete ring will only add to your chic. 


It is advisable you start a few days in advance so you don’t have to do everything on your ‘big day.’ A couple of days before, you can do the things that might irritate your skin like waxing, plucking your eyebrows, or getting a tan. One day before or on the day of your event, you can have your hair, nails and make-up done. If you can afford it, do hire professionals. A fancy hairstyle can make your entire look and take the focus off of your outfit, especially if combined with perfect make-up. Nail polish and lipstick are a must.

Grooming is as important for men as it is for women. Stick to the clean, classic look with your hair. Take care of your skin at least a week prior to the event to get a fresh, youthful looking face. When it comes to shaving, you can never go wrong with a clean shave. Otherwise, you can get a professional shave or a trim to avoid having any razor cuts and red blotches on the day of the event. You could also have your eyebrows groomed, a simple manicure done and use some concealing make-up to hide any pimples and blemishes. 

Remember that you can’t go wrong keeping it classic and simple. Wear clean, polished, good quality shoes and always button up. Get a good night’s sleep and shine your light! 

bye guys 

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