11 February 2016

I am I the only one that doesn't hate my parents ??

Hey guys today I want to talk about something that over the last few weeks as really be brought to my attention.

I live at home still and I although if  I could move out I would I am not desperate and the main reason is because i get on with parents. I know shock horror !! I never thought anything  of this but as I have got older is come to my attention that a lot people don't get on with the parents. I am super close to my mum we are more like friends than mother and daughter .It has to be said and although me and dad aren't close we don't argue we keep out of each others way and he doesn't stop me doing anything.

This shocks so many people for some reason that i can go ,do and come back when i want having that much freedom and living at home seems to be so unknown to so many people.I was on the phone to friend the other night at like 1 in the morning and I was starving and I said I might go get something to eat and she said you can go down stairs at night and i was like yes why? Apparently when she was at home this wasn't allowed what the ?? is it just me that finds weird please let me know!

bye guys

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